Crossing Borders – Grenzfälle AUT-SLO 2006-2009

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Grenzfälle – ein Jugendbildungs- und Jugendbegegnungsprojekt in Österreich und Slowenien – wurde von 2006 – 2009 in 25 Orten in Slovenien, Kärnten und der Steiermark erfolgreich umgesetzt. Taufrisch übernahm im Auftrag und Zusammenarbeit mit dem Anne Frank Haus Konzeption und Projektleitung.

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Anne Frank – A History for Today

Crossing borders 2009

Austria – Slovenia


“Crossing borders – an educational and communicational project in Austria and Slovenia” is based on valuable experiences that have been made in former Anne Frank school projects since 2002 (more than 50 schools all over Austria and Slovenia).

Each participating school will be provided with the bilingual German/Slovenian  “Anne Frank – A History for Today” exhibition and an additional exhibition that informs about the respective regional background. In addition to the workshops that will take place as a part of the project, each school’s has to offer guided tours (in two-day long workshops students learn how to guide classes through the exhibition) as well as a good complementing, cross-curricular programme about National Socialism, human rights, racism and tolerance.

According to the “peer education”- concept, students should show initiative themselves in setting up the school’s own side activities.

It’s our most important aim to encourage students to observe and express their opinions in a more critical way regarding their own social environment.

The project’s aims

One goal of the project is to connect young people from regions near the border between Austria and Slovenia, and to motivate them to understand the respective other culture (their interests, their view of history, their expectations for the future).

A crucial factor in the achievement of this is the connection of schools with students who come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, students who have different views of the region’s history. By working on this project and the workshops together, existing prejudices are questioned and unknown cultures and parts of society are reflected upon with the help of active contact between each other. The participants get to know the other culture’s world, their thoughts and experiences with discrimination. By developing personal relations with them, common prejudices become weaker and weaker.

In the course of one year, students from both countries will get together frequently to learn, discuss and exchange experiences – together.

The project’s core themes in key words


  • Presentation of the exhibition “Anne Frank – A History for Today“ in eight schools – four in Austria and four in Slovenia
  • Setting up of the exhibition together with students
  • Training seminar for tour guides (participating students will then guide school groups through the exhibition)
  • Complementing programme (school activities, workshops, ..)
  • Pedagogical materials for tour guides
  • Pedagogical materials for teachers
  • Workshop “Crossing borders“ (including video and discussion on basic human right conflicts)
  • Historical workshop “History of our region“
  • Additional panels (bilingual) – “Partisans’ children“
  • Online information and suggestions for students and teachers concerning the setting up of workshops and side-activities
  • E-mail newsgroup for actively participating students (exchange of ideas and experiences)
  • Feedback seminar
  • Peers from fist phase of project help in second phase

Organizators/ contact:


Verein Anne Frank

Siebensterngasse 19/6

1070 Wien


Mag. Peter Hörburger                                  Dr. Nadja Danglmaier

E-Mail: info(at)annefrank(dot)at                             nadja(dot)danglmaier(at)annefrank(dot)at

p(dot)hoerburger(at)annefrank(dot)nl             ndanglma(at)edu(dot)uni-klu(dot)ac(dot)at

Tel.:     +43-1-526345711                              +43-650-3242364





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